An aircraft’s acquisition cost is usually the first figure that is being considered by air forces when deciding on the purchase of a new aircraft. However, the acquisition cost is a relatively small portion of the total cost related to the operation of an aircraft in time. In many cases, the accumulated maintenance cost significantly exceeds the price of the new machine. The L-39 has always had the reputation of a reliable and easy to maintain aircraft. To continue this reputation, we have equipped the L-39NG with the following features, that make the maintenance less frequent, easier and faster to perform and eventually less costly for the operator.

Already today, the utilization of the L-39 aircraft varies significantly between users. Introducing the on-condition maintenance and removing the fixed calendar TBO enables the mainenance of the aircraft purely based on the accummulated flight hours, reducing unnecessary grounding of the aircraft due to the visits of maintenance facilities.

  • Applied to both engine and airframe
  • No scheduled calendar TBO
  • Maintenance intervals defined purely by accumulated flight hours
  • Two level maintenance (O and I level only)