The L-39NG aircraft will be introduced to the market in two stages. The first stage represents the re-engining and upgrade of existing L-39 fleets, the second stage entails the deliveries of a completely new L-39NG aircraft.

  • Even decades after its first appearance, the airframe of the L-39 remains at the top of its class (utilization by 15 aerobatic teams).
  • Installation of a new engine and optionally new avionics from the L-39NG program enables the operators to improve operation safety, significantly increase performance as well as to reduce operational cost and maintenance demands.
  • Once the end of service life of the original L-39 airframe is reached, the FJ44-4M engine and the avionics previously acquired by the customer can be used on a brand new L-39NG airframe (see Stage 2).
  • Starting with serial deliveries from 2018, the new L-39NG airframe with all design and operation features described in the chapter MAIN FEATURES will be available
  • Stage 2 offers solutions for:
  • Customers using legacy L-39 aircraft with FJ44-4M engine and avionics
  • New customers