L-39NG has announced first customers

16 June 2015, Paris Air Show. The new project of AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE, development of L-39NG - new generation of legendary jet trainer, is successfully progressing. The company has integrated a new engine and has also announced first customers of this project.

The first customer of L-39NG is the Czech state owned company LOM PRAHA s.p., responsible of training of pilots for the Czech Air Force. LOM Praha currently operates seven L-39 aircraft, which will not only get a new FJ44-4M Williams International engine, but also the avionics of the L-39NG. Ladislav Šimek, the president of Aero confirms that: “LOM PRAHA is a very perspective customer, because its Flight Training Center provides high quality complex training services not only for the Czech Air Force, but also for many international customers. It is one of the leading commercial training organizations in Europe.“ According to Roman Planička, CEO of LOM PRAHA, the upgrade of the seven aircraft to NG standard will “bring essential improvement of Flight Training Center, which will be able to offer jet training to significantly extended group of aircraft operators, since the L-39NG avionics is designed to allow an easy transition to modern fighters.” LOM Praha has also received an option to purchase the new L-39NG as a prospective replacement or expansion of the existing fleet of L-39 aircraft.

Aero has also received a Letter of Intent to adjust the L-39 from leading performance teams - Breitling Jet Team and the Black Diamond Jet Team, which both have an interest to equip their aircraft with new engines. Black Diamond Jet Team, a division of Draken International, has signed a Letter of Intent to upgrade up to six L-39 aircraft. It is a part of a wider cooperation between AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE and Draken International. According to an agreement announced on Farnborough Air Show last year, Draken International will also serve as the official provider of the L-39NG upgrade program in the Americas. For more information about cooperation with Draken please see Draken Press Release in your media kit.

Aero has also announced MoU with the VR Group company, which will become a major supplier of simulation technologies for the L-39NG program. The agreement contains both deliveries of four-level training simulation system allowing more effective training, and data link between simulation center of the customer and LOM PRAHA Tactical Simulation Center in Pardubice, Czech Republic. According to Ladislav Šimek: “For a first time, the operators will get not only simulator for a flight crew training, but also ability of tactical training and membership in L-39 User group. It is revolutionary increase of the training efficiency and readiness of the Air Force, which will help our customers reduce the number of hours spent in training on operationally costly supersonic aircraft. The tactical tasks will be to train against “unknown enemy” on L-39NG simulator in LOM PRAHA Tactical Simulation Center.”


L-39NG is a project of new, highly efficient trainer, able to serve as basic, advanced and LIFT trainer thanks to advanced avionics. L-39NG is based on aero dynamical concept of current L-39, but is manufactured with the use of new technologies and contents modern systems. Thanks to single engine conception, fully implemented condition based maintenance (including full service concept “support by the hour” for selected components like engine) and high modernity components, the L-39NG aircraft offers unprecedented efficiency along with minimal maintenance. The L-39NG project is divided into two phases. At first, Aero offers installation of the new engine and optionally also of the L-39NG avionics to current L-39 aircraft, so the customer can immediately significantly reduce maintenance costs, increase performance and safety of current aircraft and gradually prepare for L-39NG operation. The second phase contains serial production of the new L-39NG aircraft using the components from phase one.  Prototype of the reengined aircraft - L-39 with Williams FJ44-4M engine will be introduced in the end of 2015.




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AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. is focused on the design and manufacturing of military and civil aircraft and is the largest aviation manufacturer in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest aerospace companies in the world. In the field of civil aviation, Aero partners many of the world’s largest manufacturers in a diverse range of projects. More recently, Aero became a full partner in several risk sharing programs, taking responsibility not only for production of structures but also for development. In the field of military aircraft Aero has been a long term, reliable partner to many of the world’s air forces. Aero is a founding member of Confederation of the Czech aviation industry.


LOM PRAHA focuses, in particular, on overhauls, upgrades and modernizations of Mi-8/17/171/24/35 helicopters and their dynamic components (including heavy aggregates TV3-117/VR-14/APU) lifecycle support. We also provide pilot trainings (Mi-17/L-39) in our Flight Training Center and a tactical pilot trainings on simulators in our Tactical Simulation Centre.


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Based in Lakeland, FL, Draken International has set a new standard in tactical flight support. With a fleet of over 70 tactical fighter aircraft, the company owns and operates the largest privately-owned fleet of ex-military aircraft in the world. This fleet is used to support various types of military training objectives around the globe, providing a tremendous cost savings over the use of traditional military fighter assets. For additional information, visit www.drakenintl.com.



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